Maharashtra Granthottejak Sanstha (previously known as Deccan Vernacular Translation Society) is founded by 25 visionary maharashtrian social reformers like Lokmanya Tilak, Justice Ranade and Dr. Sir Bhandarkar in 1894. Its main objective is to uplift Marathi language and literature.

The Society has a collection of invaluable literary treasure like hundred years old, rare literary works, Peshwe records, Peshwe diaries, Justice Ranade’s correspondence, 32 types of dictionaries, 30 thesis on various subjects, hundred years old manuscripts, etc.

The society has encouraged writers giving awards to exclusive books by doing review of books published in Marathi language. Society has stored old, rare documents and made lamination of the important literary works. To make children familiarise with Marathi language and to make them speak and write pure Marathi language, “Bhashapatra” was being published by the society every month. Society has published a book as a collection of these ‘Bhashapatras’.

Society has received a donation of 10000 sq ft land from former owner of Vanaz company the late S. K. khandekar through District Collector of Pune. Society has started construction of ‘Dakshina Bhavan’ on this land besides Vedbhavan near Chandani Chowk in Pune. Dakshina Bhavan will contain the office of society, Assembly room, library, reading room, study room, and accommodation for guests from outside of Pune.

Society is also planning a yearly series of lectures “Sinhavlokan vyakhyanmala” especially for B.A. and M.A. students. Besides, society will run “bhashashuddhi” campaign, which will help to avoid incorrect language in public places. Furthermore, it is planning to arrange contests for readers which will enable them to appreciate books in a better way.